Before you can begin work as a freelance designer in London, you must have a few things in place.

Below is a list of things you need to complete before you can begin trading.

Choose your company name

Choose a company name for your business. It can be as simple as ‘Your Name Ltd’ or something more creative. As long as your name is not already in use. You can name your limited company whatever you want.

Check if your company name is available:

Company Name Availability Checker

Set up your limited company

Once you have a company name, you need to set up your private limited company with the UK government. You can do this online yourself and it costs £12.

Learn more about setting up a limited company:

Set up a private limited company

Open a UK business bank account

Next you need to open a UK business bank account under your limited company name.

Visit below link for a list of top rated UK business bank accounts as voted by our community:

List of top rated UK business bank accounts

Get Insurance

Some employers may require you to take out yearly insurance. The type of insurance is called ‘Employers Liability Insurance’. Depending on which cover you get, It costs around £170 per year.

Top rated employers liability insurance as voted by our community:


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