Craig Barber here. London-based freelance designer.

People often ask me for advice on freelancing in London. Instead of just my advice, I thought why not ask the community?

So I reached out to 100’s of freelance designers in London.

I asked them a bunch of questions. How do you find work? Can you recommend a good recruiter? What’s the best UK bank account? I received 100’s of responses.

I paired the communities responses with my own knowledge and the result is Lancerlist.

At it’s heart, Lancerlist is a simple, community-sourced guide for freelance designers in London. It covers topics including, getting setup, working, running your business and communities.

My long term goal is to make Lancerlist the most useful site in the world for freelancers. I’m starting with the design community in London.

I look forward to you joining us.

Craig Barber
Founder & Freelance Designer